NewMedia – Videoproducer and Editor

NewMedia Videoproduction & Editing

We are reviewing products and services by using Videos. For our new Video-Department, based in Krasnodar, we are searching for motivated and experienced Producers. You should be able to film and cut our Review Videos to be published at YouTube, used on our websites or be published at other social plattforms.

General Requirements:

Quality Videoproduction, Filming and editing Videos.

Required Skills and experiences:

  • Experience in typical video editing programs
  • Fresh perspective and creativity.

You should be able to work in a very open and creative environment. You will be responsible for Video production in various languages.

Language Skills:

  • Russian
  • English (inside company language)
  • Optional: German


  • We offer to create paid videos to see what knowledge the applicant has. After the trial period we offer either further long-term cooperation on an independent basis or a permanent position in our company. We provide work area, software and equipment of course.
    • Optional: Full-time employment in fixed contract (100% official income)
      remuneration at least 30,000 rubles per month or more (by agreement and previous experience)
    • additional bonus models are available
    • 25 days paid holiday per year
    • Various company-wide benefits are available


  • The workplace is our office space in the center of Krasnodar.

Working Hours:

  • Flexible (core working hours Monday to Friday 10h to 16h)

About us.

The company was founded in 2010 and employs Internet experts in various countries. Our experience ranges from data security, access analysis, fraud prevention, application optimization to information on the protection of one’s own private household on the Internet. Teamwork in the enterprise has already enabled the development of technologies that are used in most modern browsers today and have also changed the internet usage of billions of people worldwide. Through constant diversification, the company has grown steadily since it was founded. The Russian subsidiary was founded in 2017 and is currently expanding its location in the city of Krasnodar. As part of our corporate culture, we offer a range of specialized services to our employees, including:

  • additional personal health care
  • company cars for private use
  • support for families with children
  • ongoing external training


Please send us your job application and documents to

Application will be taken into consideration in Russian or English.