We make things HEROIC.

A real “HERO” is someone who is brave for a little bit longer!

Everyone can be.

But remember:

Not all Heroes are wearing capes!

We believe that the Internet should be a free and open Space for everyone. It is sad that nowadays it needs “Heroes” to guarantee the “Freedom of the Internet”.

Your Gouvernement and also criminal Organisations are trying to spy on you, anytime you are using modern communications tools, or when you are simply open a Website. They do this with their aim,  to understand and  control your future Actions. With this gathered knowledge, about what your are doing, how you are thinking or what you are going to prepare in life, they are  controlling your full Environment, the Public-Media-Produced reality around you and  in our understanding this is concerning and undermining all  democratic principles.

There must be a way to avoid espionage on Private People, thats why we are working to make the Internet free again! And we understand that it needs heroic People to fight the mass surveillance!

The Internet has changed everything.

Modern Internet Access has changed the World already and  especially the Way, how we are communicating with each other. No doubt, during the next few Years, the World will change itself faster than ever before. Jobs from today will not be available anymore, new Job opportunities will appear. You can be prepaired already or you can still don`t accept the Changes. But anyway the Change is in progress.

That could be a great chance for everyone.
Let us create a New World togehther.

ooo герой – The HERO – Der HELD

GEROY is a different company!
We are using the “Internet-Crowd-Intelligence” to improve our knowledge.
We are watching the Internet Society to learn and become better. Every day!
We make things heroic!

What you can get from us?

Well, actually we do not offer any public services.  So we do not offer anything you could buy and you are not able to  book any of our services.

Maybe you will find one of our supported websites or services somewhere outside in the Internet, these Services will help you to find a perfect solution for your Privacy Issues by using the Internet.

Enjoy it.

What we are doing?

We are working together with enhanced and innovative companies around the globe, to make “the Internet a safer place for everyone!”.

We are helping the Internet-Users to avoid espionage and to protect their own Privacy by using the Internet. We believe that the Internet needs to be a free and Open Space for everyone.



You can reach us from everywhere.

Company facts:
ooo Герой – Geroy
registered “Private joint-stock company”
Common private and foreign property.

Registration ID: OGRN 1172375019959 at the Interdistrict Inspectorate from the Federal Tax Servie from Russian Federation No. 16 for the region “Krasnodar” from 15th March 2017

VCard – add to your phone.

Write us.
E: [email protected]

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“geroy is available around the globe.”
✆ +1-408-7695407 (Sunnyvale, Ca, USA)
✆ +43-1-3649234 (Vienna, AUT)
✆ +49-40-22861140 (Hamburg, GER)
✆ +7-499-6094132 (Moscow, RUS)

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