We are passionate about to

make the web a better place.

A real “HERO” is someone who is brave for a little bit longer!

But remember: Not all Heroes are wearing capes!

What we do?

We are a WEBtech company with the simple focus on “Development for better Experiences”. That means that our solutions help others, to stay safe, easier use of web applications or just simply better internet surfing experiences. for everyone. Thats what we do, thats what we are stand for.

You haven`t heard about us?

Well, thats not a problem, because our solutions are made for global integrators. We are sure that you have already used in internet some of our developments, but to be honest, there is not much to promote about it. Just use the Internet, stay safe and keep on smiling. Then we did our job in the right way.

You want to buy our Company and you are willing to pay billions of Dollars?

Well, thats what others already have tried, but our owner are not interested to sell the company. Maybe just double the offer and hope for the best 🙂 But in most of the times it will be useless, so keep on searching for other investments.

We believe that the Internet should be a free and open Space for everyone. It is sad that nowadays it needs “Heroes” to guarantee the “Freedom of the Internet”.

Your Gouvernement and also criminal Organisations are trying to spy on you, anytime you are using modern communications tools, or when you are simply open a Website. They do this with their aim,  to understand and  control your future Actions. With this gathered knowledge, about what your are doing, how you are thinking or what you are going to prepare in life, they are  controlling your full Environment, the Public-Media-Produced reality around you and  in our understanding this is concerning and undermining all  democratic principles.

There must be a way to avoid espionage on Private People, thats why we are working to make the Internet free again! And we understand that it needs heroic People to fight the mass surveillance!